Don’t want my help, just my stuff? It’s all good!

Farm tables, round tables, tablecloths, chairs, and tableware.

Chalkboards, windows, doors, books, lanterns, candlesticks, antique glasses, and tons of knick-knacks.

Hand-lettering, flowers and greenery, donut-cakes.

Ask me–if I haven’t done it yet, I’ll find out how!

Check some of it out:

Click on the pictures above for some deets on a few of my pretty things.

Hit me up for some more specific pricing!

Rentals include set-up and delivery to the Jacksonville area

Farm Tables

These handmade beauties seat 8 and really make a statement. You can dress them up with china and extravagant centerpieces or keep it simple with greenery and lanterns.

Starting at $50–contact me with your location for shipping costs! 


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