I’m Alex–ex-English teacher, wife to my best friend, mother to Bryn Kelly (whose name just sounds much better as the title of an event planning business), and I like weddings. For the last few years I’ve been coordinating, decorating, and, often times, catering weddings at my parents’ barn in Baldwin, Florida–It’s where I grew up, where I got married, and where I discovered my love for helping people down the aisle. When the house sold last month, the barn did too, along with my ability to witness these beautiful unions from the comfort of my own (parents’) home. Instead of being sad about it, I decided to take my talents to the streets and coordinate some more weddings that just happen to not be in a barn (I mean, unless you’re getting married in a different barn).

I’d love to meet you,  hear your love story, find out what you need (because I know it can’t be summed up into the two “packages” I offer), and be your friend!